Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

It is time for me to say goodbye to summer.  It is a bittersweet time as I hate to give up my mornings of sleeping in and nights of staying up past 2 AM but then I am anxious to get back to a normal routine and meet my new kiddos.  After my vacation to Alaska, which was incredible (hubby and the kids caught over 22 Salmon).  They were happy.  Me, not so much because that means we have to eat over 70 pounds of fish.  Looks like I need to have a Salmon Bake Party!!

Well, I managed to get into my classroom this week and finish up some of the decorating.  I don't know what is wrong with me.  I just can't seem to get it finished.  I start something then move on to another area then get distracted... I think I am beginning to have a Love-Hate relationship to Pinterest.  It makes me feel like I have ADD!!  :-)

I start back on Tuesday and still have to do a few finishing touches before then. Thank goodness our Principal is kind enough to open the school for us today and tomorrow.  I still want to put my numbers on the floor for line-up and my saying on the outside of my classroom (which I will be doing with my cricut and some vinyl).

Here is what my classroom looks like now.  Added just a few things.  Thank you to Caitlin Clabby from Kindergarten Smiles for the shape posters I put up on the white board, Live, Love, Laugh Kindergarten for the number posters, and Miss Nelson for the Transportation Display.  I love that they all fit with my classroom colors.  I know I could have made them myself but I love to incorporate others ideas into my class environment.  So thank you to these talented ladies!


  1. Your kids are going to flip when they see their classroom! BRAVO!!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  2. Can I come be a student in your class?? Hehe! It's adorable! And we all know the more adorable your class, the smoother the year will go! Good luck next week!

    First Grade Fascination

  3. I wish I could do this to my classroom...but I think the high school boys would walk out if they saw it :/ But I love it!!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels