Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will be MIA for the next 2 weeks!

Well, the time has finally arrived.  Off to Alaska.  Nope, not my choice of vacation but gotta give the hubby a nice Vacation at least once in our 30 years of marriage!  Actually it will be fun.  My parents, 2 children and daughter-in-law are all going on the cruise and we can't wait.  I will not have internet access on the ship (very limited and expensive) so I will be having withdrawals I am sure.  It is amazing how much I have grown to depend on my technology and actually feel really helpless without it.  Of course Mr. H. is happy about this because now I will actually have to talk to him!  Oh wait, he will regret he said that after 24 hours with me in a small cabin on a ship in the middle of the ocean.  He will be ready to fork over the money for the internet!  So my bloggy friends, I will be thinking of you and wondering who has done what to their room, who has made what or who has posted a new TPT or Teachers Notebook item.  Have a great couple of weeks and I will be blog stalking when I return!



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